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Coaching and training

Posted by Lynne on January 12, 2013  /   Posted in People

We offer comprehensive training, coaching and support based around personal development and specific issues such as contract negotiations. We have also trained operational teams in new ways of working.

As a natural extension to this type of training support which is naturally provided as part of project delivery for our clients, we have recently managed successful stand-alone training programmes in the UK and Europe. These have focused on effective decision-making in complex organisations where many stakeholders are involved.

For example, we recently ran an interactive session for NHS commissioning professionals on decision-making in complex organisations. This highlighted the need to develop and earn trust and to cooperate with other stakeholders to achieve the best overall result. We have also carried out negotiation training. On the back of these stand-alone programmes, we have already been asked to do more and varied training interventions of this kind.

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