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Developing a procurement roadmap

Posted by Lynne on May 03, 2013  /   Posted in Procurement

A major British company, who we’ve worked with in the past, contacted us, as they needed to develop a sustainable and effective procurement function, as part of their on-going business plan for growth. We analysed their spend data, before meeting and interviewing the key stakeholders and budget holders to understand their procurement objectives.

We benchmarked against other similar companies and defined the key processes needed. From here, we developed an integrated approach from supplier selection through to supplier management. The next stages involved working with the sponsor in engaging his peers, so that we got full ‘buy in’ to the concept, and establishing a budget for managing and implementing this new structure. This was no mean feat; as the project involved hundreds of millions of pounds spend, so naturally it was vital that everyone was on board.

Because many hands make light work! Project management at its best…

Posted by Lynne on May 02, 2013  /   Posted in Process

The client asked, “Can you provide immediate support for a major refurbishment programme in the hotel and leisure sector?” As with most multi-million pound projects, this one had multiple component parts, which all needed to be coordinated in order to ensure that each element of the refurbishment would be delivered on time, whilst ensuring that everyday business continued as usual. “Yes”, we answered, as we were able to provide the necessary skills required, in line with their timescales and budget.

First, we undertook an initial assessment and analysis of the actual refurbishment plans alongside the standard operational processes, in order to identify that all elements were covered with adequate detail and allowance for contingency. This enabled us to produce a project plan that could be followed by the internal teams and the various outsourced contractors for the whole programme. At the same time, it provided each individual hotel team with the clarity of detail, support materials and feedback mechanisms, to allow them to prepare for their part in the process without being overwhelmed by the larger refurbishment. Additionally, this overall project plan provided the Refurbishment Manager with sufficient detail to monitor and assess each individual hotel refurbishment, as well as track the critical construction and operational elements for the whole programme.

At Mobius Services, you’ll find a number of highly skilled project managers, who can take on huge projects and pull all the various strands together, effectively and efficiently. If you are in need of someone capable of handling a large-scale project for you, why not put us to the test?

Coaching oil barons in Oman

Posted by Lynne on May 02, 2013  /   Posted in People

Business coaching and training is another of our specialities here at Mobius Services and we have to be flexible in our approach, as every session we deliver is tailor-made for each specific client’s needs. For example, earlier this year, one of the world’s leading energy companies invited us to co-deliver a course they were running in Oman for the largest producer of oil and gas – who also happens to be Oman’s largest private employer. Attended by 16 delegates, all experts in downstream oil and gas production.

Over the final three days of the 10-day accredited programme, we took them through a 3D negotiation process that they could follow for the future. First, we looked at the physiological changes that the body goes through during negotiation and taught them techniques on how to manage conflict situations. On day two, we investigated levers of influence they may be subjected to during a negotiation and finally, on day three, we put this new learning to the test in a roll-play exercise, giving our observations and feedback to all concerned.

Does your blood pressure rise when the conversation heats up during difficult negotiations? Are you able to maintain your cool and win over the deal? Being able to manage these situations effectively can pay huge dividends. To find out more about what we can do for you, just give us a call.

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