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Workplace pensions – a headache for your business?

Posted by Lynne on September 03, 2013  /   Posted in People, Process, Systems

We’ve all seen the TV adverts promoting the new Workplace Pensions but when it comes to implementing the scheme, do you know where to start? It might not be so difficult to calculate if you’ve 25 employees or less but with multi-nationals who employ hundreds and thousands of people, it’s a whole different ball game.

When we received a call for help in July (for an August go-live), Mobius quickly mobilised a specialist team. Working closely together, we set about establishing the business requirement and then developed a reporting system to determine who would be affected and what the company’s contribution would be in each pay period. We created a database and dashboard that allows the payroll and HR teams to monitor and maintain the scheme.

We had to consider factors like eligibility before calculating and producing a summary of pension contributions by both employer and employee, and breaking down the pension contributions by individual employee based upon their earnings. The system had to be a robust one that was easy for the payroll department to use going forward.

The next part of the project involved developing an internal ‘user’ application that amalgamates multiple forms of information, which in-turn populates pre-defined templates for entry/upload to companies external to the business.

Given the timescale from initial brief to delivery, collaborative working between Mobius and the client was essential from an early stage. But that it is what Mobius is all about – two teams working together seamlessly. The end result has been successful in providing the client with an easy to use process that can be relied upon to determine, report and manage employee pension contributions.

If you’re struggling with this new compulsory pension scheme and how best to incorporate it into your business, why not give us a call?

Coaching global strategists in the Czech Republic in the art of 3d negotiation

Posted by Lynne on September 02, 2013  /   Posted in People, Strategy

Prague, where the flood defences had been erected along the River Vitava, was the destination for a recent assignment. Donning our raincoats, we braved the awful wet weather and jetted off to coach the consultants of a well-known global strategy specialist in the principles of 3d negotiation. There we used an exercise deliberately designed to provoke their thinking, and role-play negotiation to put the learning of the day into action. The main aim of the coaching was to help the delegates to understand where they might make personal improvement in crafting ‘value creating’ deals. Is this something that might be of interest to you? Remember all our training is tailored to suit specific situations and clients, so whether you are in retail or banking, healthcare or the public sector, we can help you hone your negotiation skills.

How to develop and implement a procurement strategy in Sweden … or elsewhere for that matter!

Posted by Lynne on September 01, 2013  /   Posted in People, Procurement, Strategy

John, our procurement specialist, was the keynote speaker at the Chief Procurement Officer 100 conference in Stockholm last month. Using a combination of his knowledge and recent experience with a number of clients, John’s theme was ‘developing and implementing a procurement strategy to maximise sustainable benefits’. His clear, simple and pragmatic presentation gained positive feedback from the audience and led to a number of follow up discussions with CPOs who are wrestling with this very subject. Maybe you are too? If so, John is just an email or phone call away!

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