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Our top tips for dealing with a troublesome outsourced provider

Posted by Lynne on July 07, 2015  /   Posted in People, Process, Procurement

1. Is the issue you are facing covered in the contract terms? If not, and it is material, you could renegotiate the terms.

2. How effectively are you engaging with your supplier? Have you asked them why there is sub optimal service rather than just tell them? This approach may well open up avenues that create a positive way out of the issue.

3. Is this a personality issue, or more fundamental in terms of the actual goods or services not being delivered. You may be able to mediate or even change the personalities involved in managing or delivering the service.

4. Was the issue identified in the tender when you sourced the provider, or in other potential suppliers responses? Are there any solutions to be found here?

5. If you have a multi-supplier arrangement, can you share the issue with the other provider(s) to help find a solution?

Celebrating our tenth anniversary on the Solent

Posted by Lynne on July 01, 2015  /   Posted in People

This year is the 10th anniversary of Mobius Services and to celebrate Chris and John had the brilliant idea of arranging a high octane team building sail on the Solent on 13 June 2015 hosted by Blue Box Sailing. One of those on board was keen sailor James Head, who shares his thoughts on the day with us…

The crews were predominantly members of the team, which Mobius deploys to work with its clients.

Thousands of people go sailing on the Solent every weekend. Much fewer yachtsmen and women get to sail on either a Clipper 60 or a Whitbread 60.

The Clipper 60 is a robust vessel designed for amateurs to race to windward travelling around the world from east to west.

View photographs taken from the Clipper 60

The Whitbread 60 was designed to fly around the world, crewed by professionals, with the wind predominantly behind her in the 1993/94 Whitbread round the world race. This boat was named Intrum Justitia and was the 2nd W60 to finish. Intrum Justitia also gained the record for the most nautical miles travelled in 24 hours by logging 428.7 miles.

Blue Box Sailing provided wet weather gear, lifejackets and a thorough briefing on the history and working of the boat.

Imagine working this hard, 24/7 for 9 months, as you sail around the world? It puts what those guys achieve into some perspective.

The weather was challenging. 25-30 knots over the deck out of the SW. In order to sail and not simply spend all day ‘over on our ear’, we had the mainsail set with three reefs in it and we were down to # 3 headsails. We had very little sail showing on the rig, but trust me, we had power to spare.

We had a good beat to windward into the western Solent with everyone perched on the ‘high side’ or amid ship on what the skipper called the ‘sun deck’.

More photographs taken this time from the Whitbread 60

In these conditions everyone had to quickly get to know each other and under the guidance of our skippers work together as a team. The sails weigh a ton. It requires about five people to rig and hoist the headsail. It takes three or four teams of two people on the grinders to even hoist the main. Everyone took turns with helming the boat, letting off and hauling in the headsail on the tack, easing and grinding in the mainsail and generally keeping our eyes open in order to stay safe.

Imagine working this hard, 24/7 for 9 months, as you sail around the world? It puts what those guys achieve into some perspective.

Despite the hard work, there was plenty of banter and happy smiling faces. What more could you ask for.

Full marks to the Blue Box Sailing team for keeping everyone focused and safe. The boats were very well found, we had a short lunch break on the downwind leg and a good look around the Solent.

Team work is what Mobius is all about. Our teams fitting seamlessly into your teams. So if you want to enjoy some plain sailing through troubled waters, just get in touch!


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