Brexit proofing your team. Are you ready?

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The UK Government announced that following Brexit the Freedom of Movement for EU Nationals will end 31 October 2019. Previously, Theresa May’s Government had said that there would be a transition period until 31 December 2020, during which EU Nationals would be able to come to the UK without a visa for three months at a time.

This announcement has caused some confusion in respect of EU nationals already living and working in the UK. It is, however, important to note that this recent announcement does not materially change the position, just created ambiguity about the deadline.

It has been clarified that even if there is no deal, the intention is that existing EU employees in the UK would still have until December 2020 to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme. However, in order to ensure absolute certainty and prevent any issues occurring when travelling post-Brexit, EU employees are to be encouraged to make their application as soon as possible.

Helping you through the process

Further to the recent announcements on Brexit, we want to give support to multi-site businesses, in particular in London where there is a high density of EU nationals, on obtaining Settled and Pre-Settled status. This will include, but is not be limited to:

  • Going on-site and meeting EU workers and ‘holding their hand’ through the application process for Settled and Pre-Settled status (telephone support may also be needed in particular cases). This may include some evening/night work as we will need to work around shifts
  • Going on-site to complete workshops/education sessions. We would need to work together to develop any materials to educate managers and team members on the process and what is expected of them
  • To track completion and the issuing of Settled and Pre-Settled status applications, where we would do this on a team member basis, with the client providing an overview of all those that need this. The HRBPs would then complete the process with each individual and follow up to ensure that the relevant status has been received

Recent success

Starting on 2 September and after recruiting four HRBPs and a Mobius Project Manager from our associate pool, 1,600 EU Nationals working for a national, multi-site, B2C client were helped through their ‘EU Settlement Scheme Application’. In just five weeks, 87% of those effected colleagues were successful in their application – and the number grows everyday.

A third off courier costs for a PE-backed distribution company. £0.5 million off cleaning costs for a fashion retailer. 1.5% off labour costs for a privately-owned hotel group. What can we achieve for you? 

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These are just a few examples of the work Mobius business performance consultants have delivered for clients, which has enhanced the value of the businesses to improve the sale value of the business or provide greater funds for future investment.

In all these examples the ingredients have been similar; we’ve provided a business leader with relevant experience and the strength to seek out the opportunities, and not be put off by the inevitable internal and external pressures.

These are people who have had operational responsibility as well as consultancy experience. They can carry out a rigorous analysis of how things are working now for your business and establish the actual data to validate an objective assessment. They have the knowledge to root out the gems, and the ability and resilience to land these as tangible and sustainable benefits. We know it sounds simple but we also know that it isn’t and that it needs the calibre of person and the processes that Mobius bring to make it happen.

Our experienced team of commercial winners have the skills and expertise to identify and deliver these very tangible benefits for your business, whatever the sector. If we can’t find a benefit we will tell you quickly but we haven’t been in this position yet!

Contact us now to start a discussion about how we can help you make the next step to improving your cost base and the profitability of your enterprise.

Oh no, not another initiative!

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What? Change doesn’t necessarily mean transformation? The next thing you’ll be telling us is that the Earth is round and not flat!

Chris-PlanningOver the past 30 years, Chris has been personally involved in many companies’ change ‘initiatives’, and watched from a distance as many others try to remake themselves. Such as Barclays, Rentokil, Wolseley, to name a few.

Personal involvement has included large companies who were successful in their markets, such as Sainsbury’s, recognising the need to evolve through some remodelling of process, people and IT. Through to much smaller ones like Travelodge, where the threat of failure created an immediate engagement in a Company Voluntary Administration for survival.

Initiatives come with a multitude of titles: re-engineering, business transformation, leadership through teamwork, supporting teams to achieve results, simplifying store operations, SMART, building better business, rightsizing, total quality management, performance improvement centre of operations…

Yet in the most simple form they all have one aim: to maximise competitive advantage in their market, or to change the ‘way things get done round here’ in order to be better placed to cope with the challenges of their changing market conditions.

In some cases, the results may not reach the intended benefits but, in each and every case, something – or more likely someone – will have changed a working method, their thinking, attitude or something else, as a result of that ‘initiative’ being signed off to fly. However, change can be just another initiative but transformation cannot!

The most general learning is that whilst change can be achieved in a ‘one off’, successful transformation follows a series of steps: some iterative, some in parallel and always over a considerable amount of time. Shortcutting or missing steps may create an illusion of pace and of achieving the desired future state sooner … but inevitably, by not following the given path, mistakes are made with a resultant and hard bite on the bum that slows momentum and reduces the appetite for change.

So, what are these steps?

  1. Create the burning platform – no going back, the choice is no choice, forward only. Dissenters are listened to and influenced through encouragement, but are not allowed to slow the rolling stone of inevitability. An engaging approach where right upfront you’re clear that your aim is to understand your business, your people and your business aims, such that together you’re aiming for outcomes that are meaningful, supported and measurable.
  2. Establish a strong vision that allows simple clarity for all and is sold by the leadership, who ‘walk the talk’ at all times to all people. From birth, we adopt and adapt our ways from the actions, words and compromises of those we see around us – and business change works in much the same way. Getting your hands dirty in your business for honest, and to the point, opinion based on the ‘live’ observation of your business, its market, the economic and political forces it faces will help build knowledge. Armed with this, you can publish a Project Charter that really gets the clarity of objectives that will bind your organisation together and ensure delivery of your initiative.
  3. Recruit an empowered team (and don’t compromise) with the right capabilities for the specific project: a team that will enjoy what they have to do. ‘Right people, right place, right time’ makes for an effective and high performing team.
  4. Plan the project thoroughly, taking the time for ruthless analysis in order to get to the ‘nub’ of the matter. Deep dive through the layers and complexities of your business to unearth both the opportunities and, as importantly, the ‘sacred cows’. This will help you create and agree realistic change actions that will deliver the vision.
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate the vision – the benefits, the consequences, and the current position. It should be totally unacceptable for anyone affected by the change to have missed its point. Tell it from the rooftops to the foundations to ensure that you maximize soaring eagles and minimise the squawking parrots!
  6. The Earth is round – start it all over again!







A name that delivers change and transformation using a 7-step project management process

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What’s in a name? Well it isn’t by sheer coincidence that we chose to name ourselves after the Mobius Strip. More so that it is enshrined in our company values by our demand to work seamlessly in partnership with our clients.

Referencing this to our ‘Change and transformation’ offer, this translates into:

  1. An engaging approach where right ‘upfront’ our aim is to understand your business, your people and your aims such that together we deliver outcomes that are meaningful, supported and measurable;
  2. Ruthless analyses to get to the ‘nub’ of the matter; deep diving through the layers and complexities of your business to unearth both the opportunities and the ‘sacred cows’ to create and agree realistic actions; and
  3. Getting our hands dirty in your business for ‘honest and to the point’ opinion, based on our actual observation of your business, its market, the economic and political forces it faces. This allows us to build knowledge for publication of a project charter, giving clarity of objectives that binds the organisation to its delivery.

The result: effective change via a tried and tested 7-step project management process

Change, assessed, created and deployed using a simple but effective 7-step project management process that starts with observation, ends with measurement, yet importantly contains a healthy chunk of analyses and consultation in-between:

  1. Observe
  2. Collect data
  3. Analyse
  4. Determine actions
  5. Consult
  6. Take action
  7. Measure results

Change deployed by an appropriately skilled team – selected against a project specific ‘skills and capability’ matrix – to maximise adoption of the ‘new’ and minimise disruption through a thorough and uncompromising approach methodology and multi-type team structure.

If your company is in need of change, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll demonstrate first hand how the Mobius strip works!

Growing businesses without the pains

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Reporting in to the Chief Operating Officer, Mobius was responsible for programme managing the critical project work streams within a ‘Top 5’ programme. Our aim was to ensure timely delivery of the five individual projects, whilst keeping the overall programme in line with agreed milestones.

We’re happy to say that all went to plan with our consultants steering stakeholders through the necessary communication channels. They also carried out on-going assessment of the awareness of the channels at all levels of the business, and highlighted areas both for improvement while measuring employment engagement and customer satisfaction. In fact, they did all this and maintained awareness of other direct/indirect projects within the organisation, managing any clashes for the stakeholders as necessary. It’s easy when you have the available ‘know-how’! Do you? If you answered ‘no’, we’d be happy to help.

Coaching global strategists in the Czech Republic in the art of 3d negotiation

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Prague, where the flood defences had been erected along the River Vitava, was the destination for a recent assignment. Donning our raincoats, we braved the awful wet weather and jetted off to coach the consultants of a well-known global strategy specialist in the principles of 3d negotiation. There we used an exercise deliberately designed to provoke their thinking, and role-play negotiation to put the learning of the day into action. The main aim of the coaching was to help the delegates to understand where they might make personal improvement in crafting ‘value creating’ deals. Is this something that might be of interest to you? Remember all our training is tailored to suit specific situations and clients, so whether you are in retail or banking, healthcare or the public sector, we can help you hone your negotiation skills.

How to develop and implement a procurement strategy in Sweden … or elsewhere for that matter!

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John, our procurement specialist, was the keynote speaker at the Chief Procurement Officer 100 conference in Stockholm last month. Using a combination of his knowledge and recent experience with a number of clients, John’s theme was ‘developing and implementing a procurement strategy to maximise sustainable benefits’. His clear, simple and pragmatic presentation gained positive feedback from the audience and led to a number of follow up discussions with CPOs who are wrestling with this very subject. Maybe you are too? If so, John is just an email or phone call away!

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