Do you need more money to fuel your business growth? Is there a hole in your bucket (dear Liza)?

Posted by Lynne on October 14, 2019  /   Posted in Process, Procurement

With all the volatility and uncertainty in the world, we all need to make sure we are making the most of the money we invest and spend in our businesses, to ensure their future strength. Is procurement effectiveness on your agenda? If not, why not (dear Henry)?

Recently, one of our clients, a fast-growing international manufacturing and distribution business, approached us about cost optimisation. Despite being profitable, they felt they could make each pound go further – and that would help fuel even greater growth going forward.  

We quickly identified significant cost saving opportunities through an analysis of spend and business processes, with a scale of ease to realise these benefits. Due the credibility of this first piece of work, we were asked to go back and work with the business to deliver them.

This involved a mixture of coaching the internal team and providing specialist support in key spend areas. We were able to deliver all the benefits we identified across a massive range of categories within just nine months.

Then to ensure its sustainability whilst still leading the buying function, we were asked to recruitment a permanent long term leader – which we did through our expansive network.

So if you’ve a hole in your procurement bucket, take proper steps today to mend the leak. Straw won’t fix it! But talking to Mobius just might…

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