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Welcome to Mobius Services
Focused on improving your business performance

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Highly skilled business specialists

Hello and welcome to Mobius Services

We are a team of company improvement consultants who specialise in supporting a range of clients in a variety of ways. Our objectives at all times is to help define and implement your business strategy by involving your people, and connecting them with the actions needed to overcome and deliver the challenges your business is facing. To do this, we design and deliver effective and sustainable business performance improvement projects and corporate transformation programmes. Once these are put in place, our projects and programmes deliver many times over and give you a rate of return which other companies struggle to achieve.

How we achieve your business objectives

Our difference is twofold. Firstly, it’s down to the varying backgrounds and considerable experience of our team. We have acquired years of knowledge gained from the highest levels within companies, and have in-depth business experience of performance improvement, procurement and profit generation. This is all supported by the coaching and facilitation skills which enable us to embed these learnings into your company. In short, we are all proven business leaders. Secondly, it’s our approach. Unconventional, but clear and direct, and focused totally on helping you achieve your unique business goals.

We relish a business challenge

Whatever challenges your business is facing, we can help you meet and overcome them. All of our programmes are delivered by our highly skilled specialists who all have many years of experience working with clients across a wide variety of projects and sectors. The areas where we have particular expertise include retail, manufacturing, hotel and leisure, support services, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, construction, financial services, public sector and software implementation. All in all, our team combines a depth of technical skills with a people-focused approach that inspires confidence and ultimately delivers better results for you.

A comprehensive range of business services

We combine our comprehensive expertise, experience and results-driven approach to support you in a wide range of areas. Here are just our top six. Take a look at our skills and capabilities page for more:

  • 1
    Change management
    Embedding sustainable change.
  • 2
    Procurement strategy
    Sustainable and cost-effective partnering.
  • 3
    Project management
    Start-up to mobilisation.
  • 4
    Programme management
    Turning strategy into action.
  • 5
    Developing scenarios to deliver.
  • 6
    Recruitment and selection
    From middle to senior management.

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